This week, in our monthly everis UK TV Programme, we had the unique opportunity to speak to former Director of Performance Design and Development at Cirque du Soleil Boris Verkhovsky. Cirque du Soleil, born out of a group of 20 street performers, needs no introduction but its premise might seem far removed from @everis’ world of technology & consulting.

Our conversation with Boris opened my eyes to the parallels in how we work with our People to bring together high-performing teams that serve our clients. Teams that celebrate a diverse multicultural background and individuality. In everis UK we’ve 27 different nationalities.

The cliché ‘there is no I in team’, is one that stands up in both our companies. We work together to achieve a common goal, not that of one individual. Another key point that Boris raised, is that we recognise that our people are the key essence in our businesses, and we strive to create an environment that encourages continued growth.

These are particularly challenging times for the Performing Arts industry, and how the industry and Cirque du Soleil will arise from it, depends on our ability to do things differently. “We need to continue to see everything around us, or we will miss a lot of things.”