Amadeus, which uses the everis TŌGŌ solution for its employees globally, has been recognised at the Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards for their intranet solution. everis TŌGŌ aims is to enable employees to share content socially, to collaborate effectively using Microsoft Teams and to boost user productivity, while improving content management in Microsoft 365.

The Intranet and Digital Workplace awards are global awards which award outstanding contributions in the fields of intranets and digital workplaces, which deliver business value to the wider community, as well as the providers of these notable solutions, such as everis.

The Amadeus intranet, which has been named NEO, is an employee engagement tool for more than 19,000 employees. It enables them to connect with the company and with each other, and provides them with all the tools they require for their daily tasks and functions.

“We needed to create a unique digital experience for employees that would be relevant, social, friendly and effective, and which would provide increased personalisation options for each employee based on their needs”, states Elena Velázquez, Culture, Collaboration & Employee Engagement Senior Manager at Amadeus.

TŌGŌ was developed based on our experience in building intranets and digital work solutions with SharePoint and Microsoft 365

We sought to place the employee at the centre of this journey, which involves completely overhauling the platform, developing a completely new strategy for knowledge management and revising all the content”, states Jorge Ramo López, Digital Experience Manager at everis.

Congratulations to Amadeus and to the everis TOGO team who delivered this world class intranet!

For more information related to TŌGŌ take a look at the website or send me an email for a chat about having a live demo.