Have recent headlines about digitalisation being accelerated in our ‘new’ pandemic reality made you sit up and question whether your organisation’s transformation strategy is up to scratch? More than ever, here at everis , we are working with our clients to formalise what Digital Transformation means in the post-Covid environment.

Digital is a game-changer

This article by Consultancy.uk acknowledges that digital technology is a game-changer in modern business. Citing “AI, Cloud computing and IoT (Internet of Things) as ways for companies to save large sums of money in efficiencies, improve security, productivity and customer experience."

With a recession unavoidable, digital transformation could be crucial for your company to stand out from your competitors. Banking, Telecom and hi-tech industries have led the way, and organisations in these areas saw profits accelerate faster by adopting emerging technologies. 

Learning with the leaders

We have worked with a multitude of digital transformation leaders, implementing successful strategies that have given our clients a distinct competitive advantage.

We are now leveraging our knowledge and insights to other industries. Most recently we had the pleasure of working with visionary leader François Delage at De Beers Jewellers. everis supported the company in strengthening their e-commerce business in this time of social distancing and uncertain footfall, and as a response to the ongoing trend for shopping for fine jewellery online. Their leadership clearly saw that the pandemic has accelerated the importance of digital as part of the purchase funnel. You can read more about that project here.

Don't get left behind

It is predicted that some industries, including Energy & Utilities and Insurance in particular, will lag behind even further in the next few years. Will this be amplified in the post-Covid world? Let’s not wait to find out. We’d be happy to talk to you and give you an understanding of what your Digital Transformation journey could look like.