Today, communication challenges within companies is more relevant than ever, as remote working has spread, as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic and it will become part of the new normal after the pandemic.

How we create an enterprise-level effective communication is a challenge that is currently facing companies, and several factors make this complex:

  • Corporate communication. This is a broad communication area but it’s usual to have some kind of segmentation in big companies like countries, location, and departments. Sending the correct information to the correct person is required for effective corporate communication, avoiding sending information that is not relevant for the employee. On the other hand, any employee should stay up to date about any company topic from internal sources, avoiding the lack of information or misinformation.
  • Knowledge areas communication. Creating communication areas where departments can create a fluent communication with all their peers creates a sense of proximity compared to only receiving direct corporate communications. This gives the employees a feeling that their department colleagues are still in touch and the feeling of belonging increases.
  • Spread Talent and Expertise. Knowledge in companies should not be stopped by external circumstances, and this is key to continue growing the knowledge inside companies to allow them to survive in complex and disruptive markets. Keeping communication spaces focused on knowledge facilitates the knowledge transfer and keeps it alive in all circumstances.
  • Employee Engagement. Support employees to create personal spaces in the corporate communication platform, to allow them to roll up content based on their unique interests. This required to increase employee engagement and provide a better employee experience with relevant communication. 

To provide solutions to these challenges, Modern Digital Workplace communication platforms need to provide some key features which allow content segmentation and creation within the required spaces to communicate anytime and anywhere.

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