How are doing? How is C-19 affecting you?

I’ve found that during the current crisis, people have taken more time to ask how the other is – and genuinely, really wanting to know. There is range of responses, from different people, but also from the same person, depending on the day you ask them:

  • “I feel great”
  • “I feel inspired”
  • “Today I really struggled to do anything”
  • “I feel so tired today”
  • “I am really worried”
  • “I am enjoying this slower pace of life”

Everyone has different ways of dealing with stress, anxiety, fear, with the crisis we find ourselves in. What makes us able to cope one day, but not the next?

This article by @Deepak Chopra talks about how each person can free themselves from fear and anxiety through cultivating emotional intelligence. Resilience is the most important aspect of this.

6 principles to emotional intelligence

In a nutshell, Deepak gives six principles to guide you through the process:

  1. Commit to never complaining, criticising, or playing the victim.
  2. Imagine a creative, positive future for yourself.
  3. Don't regret the past. It no longer exists.
  4. Be present in every situation as it occurs.
  5. Be independent of other people's criticism or approval.
  6. Be responsive to feedback.

I’ve found these principles very helpful in my personal and professional life. Practising mindfulness, letting go of the things I can’t control go a long way to not getting overwhelmed by stress - in this time of crisis, but also when we are through this pandemic. Building emotional intelligence and resilience will benefit everyone throughout their lifetime.

Being in lockdown, even with the slight easing of restrictions, is not easy. While mindfulness will help the mind, there are other factors that keep us sane, healthy and happy during this time – some very practical basics:

  • Quality sleep
  • Balance nutrition
  • Frequent exercise
  • Staying connected to friends and family

You might even be learning new skills, or have discovered the joy in being generous to others - in whatever way possible.

Life after Covid-19

We’ve had a glimpse of a ‘coronavirus exit plan’, and so planning ahead, considering your #NextNormal may have become more imminent.

How do you feel when you think about returning to work? What new routines will you keep when life is ‘back to normal’? Has the lockdown inspired you to find a new balance in your life? 

Use this time well. Only you can make positive changes in your life. Invest in your future, try different things.  While this is a time of great sorrow for many, I hope we can, in time, look back and recognise that it has also been a time that made us reflect and realise plans for a better future. 


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