In these challenging times we recognise that open communication continues to be one of the most important aspects within a company. I am therefore super excited that we have launched the everis UK TV Channel – for you, our colleagues, clients and partners, and for the wider NTT Data family. 

We will broadcast live every week from our shiny everis studio (*uhum, green screen*) to bring everyone together in an environment that is more than a few faces on a video call. With our brilliant accidental live host @PepTorres, guest appearances from across our team & everis worldwide and with live participation from all viewers, we can continue to talk and share our stories from isolation.

This is an extraordinary time, and it won’t be over once the lockdown is lifted. It will be a journey of 1I and 4Rs: preventing infection, recession, relapse, resilience and, ultimately, recovery. I’d like to remind my team that they are not alone in this journey, but that we are going through this together. 

We will take this time as an opportunity to grow and show that by focussing our energy on helping others, we’ll achieve our objectives. Everyone in our team is making a difference and I am incredibly proud of how they are all coping. 

See you next week in our next live broadcast. In the meantime, stay safe and take care, both physically and mentally.