As SIBOS 2019 has come to an end, the feeling of nostalgia sinks in. It is over for a year but we have been left with invaluable new contacts, ideas and perspectives brought together by one common objective: the growth of the Financial Industry through partnerships, innovation and technology.

As a global technology consulting group, NTT Data, along with its subsidiary everis UK, has been proud to host very reputable members of the sector, sparking interest and curiosity on very innovative matters such as the use of technology to power financial regulation and data analytics for maximising operational behaviour of financial institutions.

During the convention we have had a set of speakers that have discussed the Banking industry in the context of digital and innovation, which has included some of the hottest topics such as Data Analytics and Blockchain.

Some of our speakers included:

  • David Nicol from R3 spoke about Digital Assets and how we can change the Capital Markets world and how “As blockchain technology is deployed in finance, we get: new tools for capital formation, improved accessibility and better asset management”.
  • Marta Piekerska from Hyperledger (Linux Foundation) spoke about the Hyperledger Greenhouse. Her goal was to show how the Linux Foundation has supported organisations with their open source financial and intellectual resources and how Hyperledger feeds into that process.
  • Vivek Srivastava from Digital Asset and Helena Marques from everisUK spoke about smart contracts and conducted a live demo showing how Swaps would behave if programmed on DAML. We were able to see first-hand how a Swap product operated in a DLT backed by a smart contract, having insight into the sequence of events that will allow for Capital Markets’ products to be programmed on DLTs.
  • Julio Faura from Adhara, gave a very educated and detailed presentation on cross border payments and liquidity management. He shed light on how tokenisation of fiat currencies can help facilitate and operate cross-border payments intra-group.
  • Dr. Geoff Goodell from UCL delivered an insightful presentation on how DLTs can change regulation. It is the objective of his research team to investigate on the applicability of Blockchain to better shape the future of Tax, Contracts, Trading and Payments and the regulatory aspects of these products.

As a discipline, the Blockchain for Banking practice is thrilled to have hosted professionals with such successful backgrounds. It is our belief that high profile partners and collaborations are helping us build a community that strives for efficiency, development and innovation in the financial sector in order to provide what’s best for our clients. All these professionals bring incredible work to life on a daily basis and, as a consultancy, we are lucky enough to help them integrate their solution in our clients.