everis has released everisID Corporate, a DLT on-boarding solution based on Corda technology. It allows for the digitalisation of a company’s corporate on-boarding process that includes tokenisation. This on-boarding tool will enable companies that belong to the same group to share customer information in order to facilitate a smoother KYC process through its specific advantages.


The process of client on-boarding for corporate clients is a long, manual and complex one. This will inevitably lead to a higher workload, operational risks, data quality issues and long waiting times for the clients that need a relatively fast operation.


  • Personal and corporate data is registered through a digitalised process to produce a final customer form that is registered in the off-chain core banking customer data base.
  • Personal and company data is stored off-chain in the organisation’s core banking platform. The corresponding location of said data is hashed and tokenised to digitalise identity and create a transferable data item to send to a receiving company.
  • Relationship managers gain consent to transfer company information to DLT members. A data is encrypted using a public key, with a service being published offering said data. Public key and hash are sent to the receiving company that uses it to identify the location of the web service, download and decrypt the data.

By digitalising the data capturing process we reduce transcription errors, improving data quality, workflows, creating an audit trail and a single source of truth. The solution is built to ensure integration with existing data becomes easier. The tokenised identity location is placed in the DLT and shared on request to members of the DLT (group entities). This ensures both safety of the data and compliance of regulation, whilst facilitating access and data portability.

The objective is to improve the KYC processes and the sharing of customer data for AML purposes through the reduction of cross-organisation stoppers including:

  • Physical transfers of documents
  • Identify key stakeholders for on-boarding instead of constant unnecessary communication
  • Disorganised on-boarding processes that lead to repetitive tasks
  • Reduce suboptimal communication (i.e. email) that will inevitably lead to operational risk and loss of valuable information.


everisID will provide a legitimate identifier.  It will help companies be compliant in the fact that they are able to identify their customers correctly and provides the correct due diligence to reduce risk of error. This solution will make the KYC process more thorough. Moreover, due to the location of the data being hashed and stored in a blockchain, it will be almost impossible to access for tampering purposes, and it will be evident if so.

We wanted to create an on-boarding platform that could not just add value, but simplify our client’s operational workflows significantly, leading to a reduction of costs and risks. Through everisID Corporate, not only do we achieve this, but we increase productivity, facilitate client-company relations and help companies use their strengths, all while leveraging ground-breaking technology.


Agility and soundness: end to end on-boarding process held in one single platform that allows for input of information, management and sharing of data, upload and download of documentation and communication with the customer.

Digital Documentation focused: any digital document will be sensitive of upload and any documentation that does not need to be kept in physical form (i.e. photocopy of passports), can be scanned and uploaded into the customer’s profile.

Regulatory compliant:

  • Because personal data is not stored on the Blockchain, it is 100% GDPR compliant. The location of the server where the actual data is stored will be secured in the Blockchain and tokenised for sharing with authorised parties.
  • AML regulation is very strict, which is why a thorough set of processes to ensure a company’s compliance is a must-have for on-boarding platforms. In order to facilitate KYC processes, other companies can access and leverage the process that has already been done by members of the group. This will mean less time consumed for both companies and customers by repetitive processes.

Data privacy and security: Due to the tokenisation and the nature of Blockchain, data will be safe and will always be kept private. It will only be shared if a customer authorises a company to do so, thus ensuring privacy and ownership of all personal information.