Rainmaker 2019 ended yesterday with summer-evening drinks on a Central London rooftop - the perfect end to an incredibly constructive and thought-provoking day. 

This was a truly excellent event with very inspiring keynotes. Special mention to Helen Bevan and Ben Ryan, who showed what 'leading by example' and 'distributed leadership’ actually mean. 

Helen asked two questions which highly resonated with me: 

  • How do we work inter-dependently rather than independently?
  • How do we build shared purpose?

When I consider how I lead high performing teams, these are questions that are always in my subconscious, if I’m not consciously asking them! A top-down leadership strategy can be highly unproductive and does not facilitate growth. Instead, we should be looking to lead initiatives from the bottom-up which are peer led. This ensures that the initiatives that really count will have the backing and support from the people that count. Also, the backing and support you need to be successful. By engaging and motivating the ‘super-connectors’ of any organisation is one of the most effective and efficient ways of implementing strategy. Not only that, but super-connecters will be able to give you insight from those around them; which can sometimes be information that is hard to gather as an executive or higher. 

Many thanks to Adam, Connor, David and Freddy for an incredible afternoon and evening. Looking forward to Rainmaker 2020!