The boom of Cloud platforms has changed the way big corporations do IT. Cloud is providing the ability to provision Hardware and Software at scale, enabling the quick setting up and escalation of distributed, highly available and highly performing platforms in just a few minutes.

Additionally, PaaS, SaaS and marketplaces offer the capability to leverage Cloud services with only a few clicks, with less or no operations skills required, within easy reach to any user of the platform.

If we think specifically about data management, one of the most disruptive features provided are the "disaggregated storage" and the "serverless execution", an implementation of the pay-what-you-need and pay-as-you-go paradigms, which promises to optimise the use of the Cloud resources and, therefore, minimize costs.

All in all, there is no doubt that Cloud is the IT response for a globalised and continuously changing world where all organisations want to go. Some of them have already undertaken this journey, others are still planning to do it.

So, if the benefits and the goal is clear, why is it taking so long, in some cases, to even take the first steps towards Cloud? How far we are from viewing huge corporations run their core operational and informational systems in the Cloud? What are the main challenges we have to face to speed up this whole process and really leverage all the potential of Cloud? What other factors should we consider to embrace a successful Cloud strategy?

Probably these are not the only ones, but some of the main topics we should probably consider and rethink when defining our Cloud strategy:

  • Managed Services and DevOps: can they work together?
  • Global data geo-distribution impact on GDPR and Data Sovereignty regulations.
  • Enterprise Data Platforms: IaaS + 3rd party vendors Vs PaaS and Cloud vendor lock-in.
  • Big Data: disaggregated storage and serverless execution performance.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing models: is it really always cost-effectiveness?
  • PaaS/SaaS security risks: who owns and manages the data?
  • Cloud Governance: how to control cost, efficiency and security risks.

Cloud is here to stay, and at everis we are helping our customers to understand and overcome these challenges by reinforcing our collaboration with the market leading Cloud vendors, leveraging our partnership and experience with classic On-prem providers and, of course by taking advantage of Cloud for our internal processes. Lead by example.