Services and platforms have enabled giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Google to thrive providing B2B and B2C value. In some cases this has enabled these companies to disrupt traditional industries by entering their markets with a stronger digital or technology proposition. It took guts to get there, copious amounts of data and a vision of platform architecture that broke standards.

So the deja-vu feeling was palpable when the Fusion One Conference in London last week happened, and I had a chance to see the full capabilities of FusionFabric.Cloud displayed. Finastra is aiming to combine the capabilities provided by a hugely scalable, open and collaborative development platform to promote applications worldwide. Finastra's collective technology experience and data provide a very strong baseline that enables platforms to grow.

As partners of Finastra, it was an enjoyable conference, but more importantly we are inmensely happy that the outcome of their project has been so bountiful. They are challenging how services and products in financial services are conducted. What better proposition in an industry that has seen the emergence of FinTech turn operations upside down?