The latest Quarterly InsurTech Briefing by WTW has revealed that multiple InsurTech investment records have been smashed in the first quarter of this year. "InsurTech investors worldwide executed the highest number of transactions, the highest number of property/casualty transactions, and the highest volume of Series B and Series C funding rounds during the first three months of 2019".

The picture isn't entirely rosy with total funding down 11% and deal count in China falling by 38%. Does this mark the beginning of a shift in investment specific to the InsurTech space, or is this a more general trend due to external factors? My opinion is that it is more likely to be the latter. As an example, KPMG's Venture Pulse Q1 2019 has reported a weak start to the VC investment market, particularly in China.

The fact that the number of Series B and C investment rounds have increased is promising for the industry and represents a maturing of InsurTechs. This will hopefully mean more tangible results on the ground. This finding is in agreement with a recent report by Ernst & Young Australia and Insurtech Australia showing that 71% of Australian InsurTechs “are now in post-revenue phases, compared to just 50% in 2018”.