It is with great pleasure that today we announce a new partnership in the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology space, this time with one of the most respected and well regarded companies in the industry, Digital Asset

Founded in 2014, Digital Asset is a leading provider of DLT solutions that solve real-world business challenges. The company combines deep industry expertise with advanced technologies, including DAML, an intuitive smart contract language, to help clients streamline multi-party business processes on distributed platforms.

This announcement coincides with Digital Asset open sourcing DAML. The source code for the DAML language, runtime, and Software Development Kit (SDK) is now freely available under an Apache 2.0 open source license, enabling third parties to modify DAML and integrate it with other platforms.

Open sourcing DAML is a very important move for the everis Blockchain Banking practice as it will enable us to rapidly innovate across the industry by allowing our technology teams to focus on developing value for our clients and leveraging a variety of deployment options.

The future is looking brighter than everis in the Blockchain and DLT space and we are certain that this new partnership will help us bring a little bit closer a DLT-fied banking industry.