One of the challenges of the new AI and predictive analytics technologies is how to regulate and legislate their use from an ethical point of view.

This article from The New York Times highlights how controversial the use of these technologies can be. 

You may have seen last week that Google dissolved their AI ethics board due to some of the controversial figures who were named members. Interestingly, some of the hot topics at the Google Next '19 event included Machine Learning, AI and predictive analytics.  

However, this poses the question: are we ready, as a society, for these technological changes? 

Just look at the new office 365 PowerPoint Designer service that promises to automatically design your slides according to the content. Or what about searching the word 'celebration' in your Apple Photos on any Apple device to view all of your party photos? and surely you've heard of the Google Maps predictive traffic services and ETA alerts! 

Our society is ready for these technological advancements. In fact, we are reliant on them to take the next steps in nearly all areas of business. But how long will it be before the ethical concerns of today become tomorrow's reality?