When looking for your next career move, what do you look for? A well established company, more money, better working hours, more holiday?

Yes, of course, all of those reasons would be nice, but if you ask anyone what they really want, isn't it just to be happy?

Brilliant, this is wonderful news for the smaller, unknown companies out there, who, if they can think of what can make people happy then they can have the top talent above any competitor in the market....easy right?

So "What Makes People Happy?", well that's a never ending question and so subjective that we could be here all day, but what we do know from research is it is usually the smaller gestures, such as an act of kindness, receiving an unexpected treat, being recognised (1).

At everis UK this has been at the heart of our People Department mission for the last 12 months. Analysing everything from the first interaction with Recruitment, to the On-boarding and then every step in our Peoples career. 

While we might not have offices as large as the likes of our competitors, it has not stopped us looking for the best talent in the market and bringing them on board. Although we can not always give the grand gesture, what we can give is recognition to our People. We are striving to make them feel that they are special, that they have freedom in a unique environment. We believe with a bit of "Magic" our people are "happy".