Not another acronym! Create Your Own Workplace (CYOW) is another one to add to your already bulging repertoire. You'll see it more and more as intranets are now focusing on employee engagement.

The future of employee corporate intranets is slowly catching up with public platforms with a clear focus on engagement. The success of todays intranets is now being judged through improved intelligent analytics. Conversion and engagement scores will now make or break your platform as a viable and successful tool for your employees. 

Legacy systems of the past still linger in the dusty servers of organisations and even though the need to change, migrate and innovate is clearly evident, there still remains a huge fear of this potential massive change, not just in IT but in the company culture. Investment is large and often not a top priority.

Thankfully, we are seeing more and more of our customers shake off the dust and look for solutions which will base the success of their new platform, not just on Conversion and Engagement scores, but on Social Engagement Scores. Speed to market and costs to implement are still key decision makers between suppliers and vendors, but building a platform which engages employees ensures its usefulness and longevity. 

The true success of an intranet is based on how employees interact and engage with content and communicate with their colleagues. everis' digital workplace asset 'TOGO', does exactly this. A relatively new asset to the market, fully integrated with MS Office365, it creates this engagement layer on top of Office365, leveraging existing MS tools. Quick to implement, cost effective and focused on employee engagement or CYOW!