Brexit has acted as a scaremonger in the recruitment world, to say the least. As a multinational company, we often recruit employees from outside of the UK. However, many people are now worried about relocating to the UK without knowledge of what the future might hold. As a result, the role of the recruiter is evermore stretched but also somewhat slower. 

The demand of candidates which used to come from EU has dropped massively and this has made the UK market very competitive for all recruitment companies, as well as in-house recruiters.

Linkedin reported that 96% of hiring plans had already been impacted by Brexit. The same study found that 44% of recruiters believe working in the UK has become a less attractive prospect to EU citizens.

Considering May's Brexit proposals have been rejected (again), what will happen when (/if) a decision is finally made? Will EU applications to UK jobs increase when the future is more visible? Or will we really see the effects of becoming independent with a jobseeker's market being predominantly open to UK applicants?