Have you seen Wake Up 2 yet? A series produced by NTT Data featuring some of our everis colleagues. Javier Rodriguez Molowny, David Sanz Martinez and Roberto Fernandez Hergueta explain how they see the future under our Digital Focus Areas (DFAs). 

Our Digital Focus Areas include Data & Intelligence, Intelligence Automation, Customer Experience, IoT, IT Optimisation and Cybersecurity. These areas will address a customer’s most pressing challenges and accelerate their digital journey. Read more about these chapters here

But how are these DFAs shaping the future? The video series “Wake Up 2” provides an insight into how our experts view the future.

David Sanz raises an interesting point about Data & Intelligence: our clients are facing challenges when identifying which and where is the data which best responds to their needs and business processes. We wouldn’t have an intelligence if we weren’t continuously processing and analysing. Any use of data for any development of models based on AI has to support a business use case. 

I would highly recommend watching the series which gives us a snippet of the future with NTT Data. It shows us how we can wake up to synergy, security and a seamless relationship between people, technology and the world we share.