In the wake of International Women's Day I came across this article which ties in with my visit to the Spanish Chamber of Commerce last week. The event was organised with the collaboration of Raquel Barrera from Diversitas Institute who gave us some interesting figures about the situation of women at the workplace.

What is incredibly interesting about this topic, is not just the gender gap itself and the fact that having a child really does impact a woman’s career, but also the lack of women representation in STEM careers in the UK (and EU in general) and how this number keeps lowering when climbing the ranks in any give company.

As part of the recruitment team at everis, I have experienced this situation first hand. When only around 10% of candidates applying to the more technical positions are female, it’s no longer about just using techniques like blinding CVs to avoid bias or create more generic adverts to attract more female talent. So what can be done to change?

Education as the origin for all society and cultural changes will be a key part of this transformation. But women’s perception of the IT world will only change by having visible role models and the implementation of strong mentoring programmes at schools and in the workplace.