On March 5th the everis UX team, took part in the Adobe Xd Creative Jam in London - a competition run by Adobe in cities all over the world. This one saw Natalia and Angela take part from everis UK. They had 3 hours to design a prototype with the topic Fire Started.

They won a People’s Choice award voted by the audience and a special mention from Adobe judges! We asked them about their experience. See below a short video of the event.

More details on their project and the event here.

1 – Congratulations on winning the award from the People’s Choice. Can you tell us why you took part in this event?

Natalia – It was my initiative. I received an invitation to Creative Jam London from the Adobe community. I needed a team, so I asked Angela to join me.

Angela – I’m so proud of our work and the result. I accepted this challenge with Natalia, because I take any opportunities to improve and meet other designers at the same time.

2 – The topic of Fire Starter was an interesting one, can you tell us about your idea and the link to the topic?

Natalia - Who is “Fire Starter”? Today, Fire Starter is Elon Mask, with his crazy idea to travel around the world in an hour and to the other planets. So, we followed the Fire Starter of the 21st century and wanted to create an app with UX experience of the future with Adobe Xd.

Angela – Initially our interpretation was a bit different. For me the Fire Starter was related to The Big Bang and the Formation of Solar System. After some quick brain storming, we have agreed on a common view related to the future of the travellers. We assumed that in the future, travellers probably would like to have a trip around space!

3 – After seeing the other prototypes and presentations, which one stood out for you as your favourite?

Angela - I think that the winner was the best one in terms of style, detail and use of Adobe Xd. There were other interesting projects in terms of content with important social themes. Actually, I think that the level of all the participants of the contest was really high.

Natalia – All presented projects were really creative and different. But I definitely agree with the jury’s nominations.

4 – Did you enjoy competing in the event, and the pressure with designing on a topic in such a short time allowed?

Natalia - Yes, I did. Time estimation is a very important skill for a designer. So, it was a good opportunity to try our ‘team power’.

Angela – Designers often have to work under pressure, so I was so happy to be involved in this kind of competition and to work with Natalia. To be honest I didn’t feel the pressure because I love this job. Every time that I am taking on one of these activities or challenges, I just try to do my best.

5 – What was the most difficult part of the challenge for you?

Angela – Perhaps, the most difficult moments for me was the presentation. The idea of speaking in front of 300 people and many of them being important designers from different companies like Google, Code, Nast etc. Fortunately, with a positive approach and the excellent speech from Natalia it was a real success for us!

6 – Working with Adobe Xd is pretty new for both of you, would you use it again and what advantage do you see if having over other similar products on the market?

Natalia – UX/UI designers are always looking for new tools. Adobe has created a very competitive tool for the digital design market. New features like Voice prototyping really impressed me.

Angela – After the competition I have started to use Adobe Xd and I think the program is really smart and intuitive. What I really love about it, is the possibility to animate a lot of plugins and the different features. Another important feature of Adobe Xd is the bridge from all Adobe Tools, Sketch App and Principle App. All my favourite tools merged into one program!

7 – Can you tell us what you are working on at the moment and if you are planning any other events or competitions this year?

Angela – I have only been at everis Consulting London for 6 months, but I am working on several projects in all different kinds of clients in retail, banking and insurance. I have started to work on a new project for a global air travel company. It looks so interesting! One of my plans for the future is to be more involved and participate in competitions and events like this one. They are always a great opportunity to grow my capabilities and to meet new people, building a very important network!

Natalia – I’ve just started a new project in FinTech. I’m really interested in Online Banking and I think Adobe Xd could be useful for it. London is one of the biggest IT cities in the world. Every day you can find workshops and events for designers. The next event in my calendar is the UX Crunch organized by Amazon.