Positive emotions, social connections and physical health, influence one another in a self-sustaining, upward-spiral dynamic. This is the result from a recent study on positive psychology and its impact on health.

The field of medicine has long focused on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of disease. But health is more than the mere absence of disease. The emerging concept of positive health takes an innovative approach to health and well-being that focuses on people’s positive health strengths that can contribute to a healthier, longer life - and happiness. 

The foundation of this premise is Positive Psychology, which has been explored by Martin Seligman and Pennsylvania University.

Studies of happiness at work consider the following basic elements and habits to be happy at work:

  • Purpose. Make sense of work and what you do. Have a vision.
  • Control. To have awareness and control over your own professional life and career.
  • Progress. Feel that you are advancing, improving and evolving. A happy organisation facilitates an environment of dynamic development. 
  • Connectivity. Relationships at work. Promote closer relationships and less hierarchy and, above all, nourish true friendships where positive emotions flow.
  • Values. Know your values and live them day-to-day at work.
  • Recognition and to say thanks. To recognise and give feedback from a positive and appreciative perspective. It's important that people feel appreciated, recognised and hear, "to me, you are important”.

Both happiness at work and optimism are key aspects to define our employee experience and our employee journey map which has been born out of emotional-social intelligence.

This, along with our employees’ input, we defined our employee journey map with initiatives to promote a friendly environment and social relations. We use this concept to establish the habits described above. 

This is a new paradigm in Human Resources. Our new people approach is a different experience our employees want to shout about. An employee experience focused on inspiration, empowerment and designing a beautiful workplace over the positive psychology foundations.