Anyone who knows me, knows I am a technophobe, I am still trying to figure out how to do a story on Instagram (I'm not kidding), but as we move forward with Technology I can see I have to move with the times to benefit my day to day life, and I am not just talking about Instagram.

After attending the 'InHouse Recruitment Network Technology Conference' last week, my eyes were opened to the possibilities of how new technology, especially AI, can help me run a successful recruitment department.

Time and time again my team's time is taken up with general recruitment administration.

To make sure we give each candidate the best recruitment process we try and give a human touch, ensuring constant feedback and position updates so that they keep engaged in our process and do not drop off the radar. 

This way of working has given us excellent feedback from our employees in their recruitment process joining everis UK, but is this at the detriment of not having time to fill every position we have been requested.

This makes me ask the question, as humans do we really need the human touch all the time, throughout the whole recruitment process or do we just want the information?

Chatbots will never take away the role of a recruiter. Recruiment needs that human touch. Perhaps we might benefit from chatbots when a human is not available in order to give information 24 hours a day.