One of the hot topics at NRF in New York was the introduction of IoT and video analytics within the store environment to help retailers better measure and influence live customer interactions. everis demonstrated its SMARK smart shelf on the NTTDATA stand, displaying a range of grocery products with the supporting interactive analytics display.

SMARK tracked interaction across the attendee journey funnel, measured the real time stock position as visitors picked up and returned stock to the shelf, and provided segmentation based on gender. The cloud IoT and analytics platform also linked to digital shelf edge labels, so that the price could be dynamically adjusted throughout the day based on event triggers or trading position.

NTTDATA had a prime location between Microsoft & Salesforce which saw 17,808 people enter the booth and pass the SMARK display over the three days. 1764 (9.91%) stopped to look at the display, of which over half of these (883) moved their hand to the shelf and touched the product, watching the sensors track the movement on the real time digital twin. Finally, 183 people picked up an item seeing the digital stock record decreased in real time, representing an impressive conversion rate of 1.03% of those passing the booth. (Thankfully, all items were also replaced on the shelf to maintain availability throughout the show).

Feedback from the global attendees was extremely positive, with interest from grocery, hardlines and fashion sectors. Of particular interest was the potential to use the technology at the prime aisle ends to drive smarter promotional activity with suppliers.

One interesting fact that was identified due to the video customer profiling was that men were 3.6% more likely to physically interact with the display than women. Our category planners are now analysing this ahead of next year’s show.