The journey of innovation is one that is as old as man. Where we are today, is that whatever we can dream of, at some point could become reality.

On one hand there is a lot of AI already going on that is in the background, and we do not see it, but it is already making our lives a lot more comfortable. (e.g. Google Maps)

A lot is being said around AI taking on decision making that could potentially be biased, as data can be based on data with inherent human biases.

The good thing it that this is not being ignored, apart from some outlier where it has been, with future legal and moral consequences it will bring.

The attached article and interview is very interesting as it is by someone with reputation and a strong history in this sector (former Google VP of Engineering).

At everis we have been involved in this journey since 2010 where we have delivered our first live Big Data projects in Banks. This Big Data and Analytics has been morphing into more and more experience using Machine Learning techniques as well as AI.

As part of our AI journey we saw the value of focusing more on the Cognitive side of Analytics with Machine Learning and AI and developed tools to enable us to accelerate these processes.

We set up a Centre of Excellence to focus around this area called the Cognitive Applications Development Centre (CADC). A key aspect of the Centre was to develop our Cognitive Application Development Platform to a level that our clients could also benefit from this. In partnership with ITAINNOVA – The Institute of Technology of Aragon we developed this tool with its latest version update by mid- 2018. This tool known as everis Moriarty and has been growing in sophistication, using a myriad of open source technologies (e.g. Spark, Jenkins, Cloudera, Hortonworks etc) with the opportunity to also include other systems such as IBM Watson; Tensorflow and Keras libraries for GPU deep learning, in the mix.

In parallel to these tools everis has also been building a parallel platform in the area of Chatbots with our in-house system known as eVA – everis Virtual Assistant. eVA is a similar platform to Moriarty as it helps accelerate the deployment process. Its main focus is to allow customers to have a seamless journey through a multi-point approach, something that customers take as read, but many companies cannot deliver as often technologies are in silos. eVA is cloud based and can integrate to CRM systems, Web Portals, Mobile Apps etc.

The technologies that cover automation with different levels of AI sophistication available to any business can be seen as follows:

  • Robot Processing Automation (RPA) This allows the automation of processes that take humans a lot of time and often repetition freeing staff to do more interesting work (we have a dedicated Centre of Excellence specialising in RPA) and many banking use cases.
  • Bots / Chatbots (these can also use Machine Learning to increase the accuracy of responses)
  • Natural Language Processing used in daily life (Siri / Google Home /Amazon Alexa etc) being looked at in the work place
  • Machine Learning processes on top of Big Data type approaches, used to offer more relevant information, offers etc. to customers
  • AI – This can be best done through different ways including Neural Networks where the technology can learn from scratch or be trained as part of the process
  • AI singularity – where AI can be more advanced than humans (this is a future state). However in less sophisticated areas such as RPA, robots are a lot more accurate than humans!
  • Robots / robotics - physical robots acting as assistants to humans. (With our Japanese parent this is taken seriously)

The interesting take for me in the article is the AI architecture structure Andrew shows for Carnegie Mellon University (e.g. Autonomous cars):

  • Autonomy / Human-AI Interaction
  • Planning and Acting encapsulating: Optimisation: Safety; Game Theory; Learning and Acting
  • Decision Support
  • Modelling

It is explained in a lot of detail in the article.

As a company we pride ourselves as we work with our clients as partners, establishing the best approaches, methodologies and tools to help define and support the challenges that ensure your business and ours will both continue to grow and evolve. A journey of discovery, growth, achievement and success. Has your company taken the AI challenge?