Hot on the heels of our new London office opening party for our people, Thursday last week saw us host lots of our fantastic clients for another office opening party!

This time around, the theme for the party was 'Attitude'. This simple word, packed full of meaning, forms the basis of our company values, and this is what we wanted to portray to our clients. We wanted to demonstrate how this word impacts every single thing that we do, so we put 'Attitude' up in lights, literally!

The star of the show was Mädir Rigolo, the creator of the awe-inspiring Sanddorn Balance performance from Cirque Du Soleil, who performed this unbelievable act privately for our audience.

"The entertainment was spectacular! It was great to see everyone in the digital world just watch something in silence for 15 minutes. I liked the symbolism of it."

The way that Mädir Rigolo delivers this performance demonstrates his attitude; nothing is impossible. If you work hard, push your barriers, and dedicate yourself to your dream, you can achieve anything.

The way you form your attitude comes in many different shapes and sizes; your attitude on a personal level (who you are, what you believe in), your attitude towards work (what you say and do),  and your attitude on life (the way you see the world and its challenges). We wanted to show our clients what we stand for and what we believe, and how this drives us an a daily basis. To do so, we chose to provide our clients with 'a moment for reflection' using mirrors to read famous quotes that complement everis' attitude, including quotes from Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, and Richard Branson.

"I thought the use of reversed writing and mirrors to decode them was quite brilliant - it oddly made you think about the quotes much harder."

We also received a visit from another special guest, this time coming directly from the Boston MIT Medialab where everis is involved as part of NTT DATA group. His name is JIBO, a social robot whose mission is to become an important player in the digital transformation, connecting people and facilitating the communication in different environments. JIBO is a new member, a new concept, very different from other social robots and part of a conversational ecosystem with hundreds of possibilities to explore.

Alongside all of this, we also had fantastic authentic Spanish food and wine, digital caricaturists, and a "personal and engaging" welcome speech from David Costa, our UK CEO, this party served to demonstrate everything that we stand for, with attitude at the very heart of it all. 

"The event was a great chance to understand a bit more about what everis and its people are all about.”

"Many thanks for the most amazing evening, it was great to meet more of your team and it's clear that the positive attitude filters down from the top.”

"This event summarises the everis approach to business and people."