Design Thinking, applied. Enabling innovation through people.

Design Thinking is all about solving problems in a people-centered way. 

everis Health and IBM have come together to deliver breakthrough digital innovations for health and social care. 

Our work focuses on delivering more, for less. Join us in London 18 September 2017, at our Event to talk about Design Thinking and Exporting NHS Know-How. Here we are inviting NHS executives and health experts to work with in the quest for exporting NHS know-how on a global basis. Sign-up for your free ticket now and join us in in health and social care innovation, creating export opportunities for the NHS. We are turning NHS 'brainwave' into software: monetised globally for royalties paid to NHS Trusts and stakeholders.

Design Thinking applied to digital innovation includes taking advantage of emerging technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Machine Learning. For everis Health and IBM, this means enabling the NHS to co-create solutions with their know-how and Intellectual Property (IP) on a number of platforms: everisMoriarty; everis Social Care Platform; IBM Watson; and, IBM Bluemix.

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everis NHS - Design Thinking lead: Ian H Smith - Director

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