It's great to be working with everis - a business really on the rise. Last year, revenues and profits grew by over 25%, the number of employees globally grew by 2,500 to 19,000, and the 15th & 16th countries (Netherlands and Morocco) were added to the office list. The UK saw a 38% increase in revenue, under the leadership of David Costa.

Since formation in 1996, there has been year on year growth, all organic - this has only been achieved by giving people a great place to work and to excel, and happy clients asking everis to do more in more locations. everis are proud that they always deliver.

But this is only the start. Backed by parent NTT Data, ambitious growth plans exist in each market, and the UK based retail market is right in the sweet spot. Already, we're seeing retailers expressing frustration with the tired tier 1 vs offshore paradigm approach us looking for something different, and being surprised by the breadth, depth and value of our business & IT consulting and operations offerings. As everis continues to invest in it's people, it's innovations and it's partnerships, we expect to see more happy clients achieve ambitious plans, and everis to become a major force in the UK retail consulting and outsourcing market.