An interesting article on how Metro Bank is moving away from just a shop based and styled bank, but leveraging Digital technology to enhance its presence as it continues its UK expansion. The article discusses how using DevOps the company is extremely agile in its use of technology and unlike the competition, is not based on legacy systems. They have in fact have gone through quite a few changes since they started a few years ago.

From the outside I expect many customers whose profiles like the physical aspect to the business, may find that digital may or may not be relevant to them. However as they increase their client base unlike some banks, most banks never need to be visited as all banking can usually be done online and on your mobile. With Metro however, they want this to be part of the customer journey, in the same way Apple has people coming into their shops.

Where the bank can really make a big difference in the market, is if they can leverage some of the IOT technologies that we have developed on behalf of our own larger Banks and for those banks that really want to stand out giving an even more personalised service. This can only be described as retail on steroids, personalising the processes when coming into the branch as outlined in the article attached within the bottom tweet (spruff). The technology can be adapted for different circumstances, approaches and also dependent on how the customer wants to be treated.

The customer experience or journey can be personalised as much as the bank feels they want to do so. I personally have banked with a major UK bank for over a couple of decades. My only comment is that the technology is great, but I no longer have any real relationship with the bank (which for a period I would have describe as being excellent for many years!) and perhaps that is why I have another account offering better rates (another large Bank who I also have a mortgage with). I also use a Monzo card (digital wallet) and a Credit card with a third major provider. 

The idea that Metro will become the Apple of Banks is a great aim to have, with happy customers purchasing multiple products from them. This is different to many individuals who with a lower loyalty threshold, utilising products from multiple sources. Apple are re-known for their customer retention and this is clearly at the forefront of Metro Bank's strategy.