When it was suggested I flew to Madrid for the day to see our Branch of the Future, I thought it seemed to be an expensive exercise to try and explain what they had created at our head office and thought perhaps a call would do. 

However what I found was something, extremely well executed, in fact something that almost blew my mind... with how well it was delivered...

All the ideas incorporated in the branch, were all things I had been reading about, some of which I am sure I had seen on BBC's click program and in various innovation journals or internet articles and at some innovation events.

Additionally a lot of Big Data projects delivered by everis had many similar solutions created. This however was different as is drew upon many of the successful projects we had delivered and had many touch points with the customer in a real world scenario as opposed to just digitally.

Instead of explaining the technology, I will walk you through what a customer in the future might expect when going into a Branch of the Future.

As a customer looking for a mortgage and wanting in  branch advise you would:

 - Set an appointment on the phone App - best time and a branch location to suit you

- On entering the branch - Automatic counted as a person 

- Mobile location using beacons confirms your presence (as a customer)

- Approach the Digital Totem Stand to book in

- The Totem Stand has a camera and using Face Recognition software will automatically recognise you. You confirm it is right on the touch pad. It welcomes into the branch and lets the Branch Adviser know you were there.

- If you are also collecting cash, it may ask you to show your ID, you simply show it to the screen and it will act as a 3rd level of security confirmation (currently for Spanish ID holders)

- The App and the Adviser offers you to wait in the special lounge. A greeting on the screen also welcomes you as this is shared from the Totem Stand confirmation.

- The Adviser has all your details (including photo) on their tablet and other relevant staff involved are also informed automatically of your presence.

- The adverting on the large screen in the waiting area can be automatically tailored to you and your interests - using beacons identifying your are present.

- In the waiting room you can look at generic adverts that can be superimposed with your smartphone using Augmented Reality (AR) to see generic advertising. (This includes video which plays on your smartphone automatically when you scan over it.) - (See photo)

Additionally using AR you can also see specific information that pertains to yourself including account details, without needing to add any further login details. This can also include reminder on whether you have brought say the right documentation with you. You simply pass the phone in front of the private data area logo.

On entering to see, say the Mortgage Adviser, as soon as your phone is on the table, your data needed for the meeting automatically populates the flat screens in front of you as it identifies you from your phone. Additional private information can be also passed onto the tablet of the Mortgage Adviser.

During your visits process through the branch, your sentiment is being assessed at different points, including when you leave the branch. Additionally a thank you will be sent from the APP with the Happy, Neutral and Not Happy  - emoji's so you can answer how the visit went - This is the closing point of your visit digitally.

All data of the visit is sent to the Branch Analytics Solution software in real time. This assesses all aspects of the visit. How you the customer felt through the process. Any unnecessary waiting, what adverts were viewed etc.

The data is automatically uploaded to the CRM system. It is then used in aggregate to help the branch work as efficiently as possible and to be able to question and view various aspects or anomalies noted. In addition, the technology uses Predictive Analytics to assist the Senior Management Team to help plan staffing levels as it identifies in advance, not just through the diary system but using Big Data analytical approaches to asses, other factors such as weather, local events such as football or rugby matches etc. This ensures the right number and type of staff are there on the relevant day, ensuring, better efficiency and use of staff and also a better customer experience for their clientele.

The great thing is the Branch of the Future is here now. One major Spanish Bank (everis' client)  is using aspects of the technology in some of its leading branches and the solution package has also had interest from other sectors including the Insurance, Telecoms and other industries.

Additionally as the technology links into the CRM system, customer journey can also be enhanced with other technologies using big data analytics to help with an omni-channel approach looking after the customer and adding further real value to the relationship with for example personalised offers etc.

Should you be interest in this technology, please do contact me to discuss further.