In an increasingly competitive and fast paced global market I am still surprised to see that there are still too many companies looking for the perfect business case when it comes to innovation. Certainly resources are limited and therefore need to be well invested but that should not take companies to a paralysis by analysis situation where decisions are never made. Good news is that there are companies out there being much braver than that.

Tesco is a good example of this bravery: they recently trialled a one-hour delivery robot in the streets of London. It is true that a Tesco spokeswoman recognized that the trial was a one-off (among others). You can imagine the challenge that fire hydrants or kerbs represent. I am sure Tesco has learnt a lot with the experience, not to mention the free publicity.

On the other side, I was very pleased to read an article at #RetailWeek (great magazine, by the way!) on how Asos chief executive Nick Beighton has been able to retain Asos' original entrepreneurial spirit, in order to keep the company ahead of a very challenging market. In his owns words ‘velocity of change is the absolute panacea’ and has allowed Asos to improve customer experience. This by accelerating their changes in their offering to the customers to another level and hence give a constant refresh to their clients with the added loyal it brings with it.

As mentioned in my previous article, being bold and adopting (or at least trialling!) disruptive technologies could leverage companies by not just boosting efficiency, but also providing differential customer experience and opening new opportunity areas. Not doing so, could make your company fall far behind your rivals before you even realise it.

As innovation is in our DNA, we at Everis, are in constant contact with a wide start-up ecosystem that allows us to help our clients accelerate their corporate innovation. This is supported through our disruptive innovation framework. We also benefit from more than $2.2bn annually investment in research & innovation through the NTT Group at our NTT i3 Global Innovation Centre in Silicon Valley. Should you be interested in knowing more on how we can support you through your innovation roadmap, please call us for an informal discussion.