The calling of the election at short notice by Theresa May has created interesting times ahead. With no clear majority and the partnering with DUP, she probably regrets her 'Strong and Stable' soundbite used constantly during the campaign period.

The Tory party know for its history of Regicide may mean May's days are numbered, but the dynamics of Brexit may save her day.

This and the general outcome creates so many alternative dynamics and power struggles. On one hand it could be said it creates instability, however at the same time it may create a lot of opportunity and perhaps some lateral thinking and strategic alliances. It may shape how Parties look to partnering before an election and that they may consider a more European collaborative approach. Today however there are two clear parties both with around 40% of electorate followers.

Please refer to the article below, but amongst the clear winners have been an increase in engagement of the youth vote, more female MP's than ever and many may feel that a 2 party government with a stronger Labour opposition can only be good thing for democracy...