A list of the top 50 Fintech firms announced last week lists an eclectic range of interesting innovative companies including UK challenger banks and start-ups.

Companies involved in innovation may want to access the largest database of Fintechs globally at everisNext (https://everisnext.com/) with nearly 2M start-up companies listed. This database sits as a backbone to everis' beta solution, Innovation-as-a-Service, currently being trialled by two financial services clients and to be launched soon.

The challenge to companies such as ours, with so many companies vying to be the next Uber, Airbnb, Google or Facebook, is where do you start? How do you focus on those companies that are likely to become successful world leaders?

It might be possible to retro-profile successful companies through Innovation-as-a-Service, using AI approaches, in order to identity the diamonds. Those who achieve this will have all the venture capitalists chomping at the bit... not if, but when it happens.

In the meantime Innovation-as-a-Service is one way of determining with whom you should be speaking and partnering. Speak to us to see how years of testing, working with and collaborating with Fintechs can help you accelerate. We have delivered some of the earliest open-source Big Data and Analytics services in the Financial Services sector for nearly a decade.

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