It is a privilege to work in a business where we are not only part of transformation and change, but where sometimes we are trailing and assessing technologies that will all affect us in the near or distant future. In reality some technologies will change the world! Some already are… Having worked in the motor industry in the past, I may have been responsible for reducing the numbers of horses on the road (stated in jest!). The reality is now that some new innovative and changing technologies will not only make the ubiquitous 4-stroke (petrol and diesel) engine redundant as we see the success of Elon Musks – Tesla (all electric) cars become more affordable to buy and a whole lot cheaper to run due to lower complexity and an lower cost of electric energy costs.

As we see the eco-systems of energy become private and closed or potentially shared through blockchain technology. Locally privately owned micro-grids may flourish and energy costs will be driven down and most energy companies like local government and politicians will become near obsolete. Many of us might be afraid that our jobs will go, in reality many will, however others will also be created. The reality is that those in the creative or complex design and entrepreneurial areas will not only survive but will probably be extremely successful. Organic and micro-farming may become more prevalent as people want to know where their food is produced and will prefer to choose those grown locally and with a low carbon footprint.

The key to the future is to widen ones skills and increase specialising in areas that will support the robot based world of tomorrow, where analytics, lateral approaches to business and the understanding on where humanity adds better value is used to for our advantage. I think other roles such Taxi drivers will also go as shared ownership of autonomous cars, or shared leases within a fleets owned by manufacturers such as Tesla become the norm. Even the Uber world might be short lived!

 Below is a link to the top 10 list of likely front office jobs to go and a top 10 safest list.