When Hiring Managers come to the recruitment department requesting a new candidate their mind set is of a market that is very different to today. 

They still believe that there are people out there looking and wanting a new job.

We of course have grown our diverse and multicultural company by utilising the EU market whether that is local UK talent or EU nations prepared to relocate to the UK, but as this article shows we can not work this way any longer.

What we have come up against in the recruitment department is that it is not that we can not reach out to the "perfect" candidate, they are just not looking for something new. 

It is a needle in the haystack managing to approach people at the perfect time to entice them to the everis world.

This of course means it is a lengthy process and as the recruitment demand sky rockets we can not turn around the candidates in the allotted time.

We have to start thinking outside the box whether that is with the salary, corporate benefits, corporate policies to stand different to our competitors.

It is a challenge and will not be easy, but I think we can take comfort that we are not alone and with our corporate values we will continue to grow.